President & Founder

Scott Olden


3005 Storey Lane
Dallas, TX 75220




The Lawn Mowgul, Inc. has over thirty years in the lawn care industry. We have a professional staff and technicians with extensive knowledge in the service of complete exterior landscape installation and maintenance for both commercial and residential customers.


  • Clean uniformed crews
  • Professional experienced crew foreman
  • Trained management team
  • Friendly and reliable office staff


  • Professionally maintained, top of the line equipment
  • Extensive inventory of tools and supplies to handle any job
  • Radio communication in each vehicle


The Lawn Mowgul, Inc. is fully insured with Auto, General Liability and Texas Occupational Accident Insurance. Documentation can be provided on request.
Client References: Available upon request


The Lawn Mowgul lawn crew that services our yard has once again gone above and beyond in providing superior customer service. A few weeks ago a large branch had fallen in the backyard that was much too large for me to move. When I returned home from work that evening I discovered that the crew had removed the branch and placed on a large pile of debris ready for large trash pick up. Not only did they move this limb but also cut it  into manageable pieces that I could easily drag to the curb. The Lawn Mowgul continues to impress me with their professional and dependable service always going above and beyond which is why we remain loyal customers and recommend this service in every instance.

- Kurt

I'm a customer for the lawn service, and I just had to tell you how great Kristin is - so professional, reliable, and attentive - she is the face of your company and impressing new clients like me!  Customer service like this is few and far between these days.  I'm sending this email on my own volition because she is that great and thought you ought to know!

- Vanessa A.